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The story behind…

In November 5th, 1943, an old rich man was found near the Thames (London) sleeping under a money tent made by himself.

He was absolutely naked, but wearing different gold chains that, as the local police said, were worth over £1,4 million.

He was a successful man, the owner of a great & famous factory, & nobody could believe he was then crazy & dying in a fictional success.

“CRAZILY RICH” representa el cúlmen de la locura de un hombre que lo logró todo. Significa apreciar las cosas y hacerlo con cordura.

Especificaciones del producto:

  • Tamaño: A3+.
  • Materiales: cartulina Canson.
  • Pinturas: Rotuladores POSCA Pens, Spray Hardcore Montana.
  • 100% creado para tu deleite.